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3.4.2 Tablets & mobile accessories

1Chef tablet stand with touchpen3.4.2.01Chef tablet stand with touchpenxd-p261-171
2360 degree panorama twister3.4.2.02360 degree panorama twisterxd-p301-22x
3Selfie stick with wire3.4.2.03Selfie stick with wirexd-p301-54x
4Splitter and touch pen3.4.2.04Splitter and touch penxd-p301-77x
5Universal 3D camera lens3.4.2.05Universal 3D camera lensxd-p301-821
6Selfie shutter3.4.2.06Selfie shutterxd-p301-833
7Selfie shutter with monopod3.4.2.07Selfie shutter with monopodxd-p301-843
8USB fan3.4.2.08USB fanxd-p301-85x
9USB LED3.4.2.09USB LEDxd-p301-86x
103 pcs mobile device lens set3.4.2.103 pcs mobile device lens setxd-p301-881
11MFi licensed 2-in-1 keychain cable3.4.2.11MFi licensed 2-in-1 keychain cablexd-p302-042
12Double USB car charger3.4.2.12Double USB car chargerxd-p302-06x
13Retractable 2 in 1 cable3.4.2.13Retractable 2 in 1 cablexd-p302-08x
14Backseat buddy car charger3.4.2.14Backseat buddy car chargerxd-p302-351
15Dual port car charger with belt cutter and hammer3.4.2.15Dual port car charger with belt cutter and hammerxd-p302-40x
16Car charger with integrated wireless earbud3.4.2.16Car charger with integrated wireless earbudxd-p302-521
17Car charger 3.1A with 3 USB3.4.2.17Car charger 3.1A with 3 USBxd-p302-551
18Slim 2.4GHz wireless mouse3.4.2.18Slim 2.4GHz wireless mousexd-p317-002
19Eddy phone stand3.4.2.20Eddy phone standxd-p320-16x
20Alp universal tablet stand3.4.2.21Alp universal tablet standxd-p325-01x
21Foldable stand3.4.2.22Foldable standxd-p325-10x
22Aluminium phone stand with touch pen3.4.2.23Aluminium phone stand with touch penxd-p325-99x
23VR glasses with integrated headphone3.4.2.25VR glasses with integrated headphonexd-p330-151
24Extendable VR glasses3.4.2.26Extendable VR glassesxd-p330-17x
25Swiss Peak action camera set3.4.2.27Swiss Peak action camera setxd-p330-201
26360 degree 4K action camera3.4.2.28360 degree 4K action cameraxd-p330-501
27Travel plug with 4 USB ports3.4.2.29Travel plug with 4 USB portsxd-p820-373
28Earthed world travel adapter set3.4.2.30Earthed world travel adapter setxd-p820-723
29Earthed world to Europe travel adapter (Schuko) world to Europe travel adapter (Schuko)xd-p820-793
30Earthed world travel adapter set with 2.1A USB ports3.4.2.32Earthed world travel adapter set with 2.1A USB portsxd-p820-813
31Beam laser presenter3.4.2.33Beam laser presenterxd-p314-103
32Charging cable “WALKER” cable “WALKER”tk-cbl01-xx
33Flip-case “TRAVEL + STAND 10,1” “TRAVEL + STAND 10,1”tk-tas01-bk
34Flip-case “TABCARD” “TABCARD”tk-tas05-bk