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XS pocket tin with embossed lid

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XS pocket tin with embossed lid

Metall tin in 11 different colours and 9 filling options, refillable, sleeved with a tear strip.



Metall tin in 11 different colours and 9 filling options, refillable, sleeved with a tear strip.

Available contents:

1. Sugar-free peppermint pastilles, round Ø 9 mm
2. XS-Kalfany fruit candies, mottled
3. Tic tac from Ferrero
4. Pulmoll pastilles, sugar-free & tooth friendly, sweetened with Stevia (steviol glycosides from Stevia leaves) + Vitamin C
5. Sugar-free chewing gum
6. Peppermint (gold or silver)
7. Cool Ice pastilles, sugar free, oval 13 x 10 mm
8. Amercian Jelly Beans
9. Pulmoll Original pastilles with liquorice-honey flavour

Best before approx. 6-18 months with proper storage

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Size: Ø 50 x 16 mmWeight: 18 gDelivery period: Approx. 15-20 working days after artwork approval


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1. 110106370
XS pocket tin - Sugar-free peppermint pastilles
2. 110106371
XS pocket tin - XS-Kalfany fruit candies
3. 110106372
XS pocket tin - Tic tac from Ferrero
4. 110106373
XS pocket tin - Pulmoll pastilles
5. 110106375
XS pocket tin - Sugar-free chewing gum
6. 110106376
XS pocket tin - Peppermint (goldnuggets or silvernuggets)
7. 110106377
XS pocket tin - Cool Ice pastilles
8.  110106378
XS pocket tin - American Jelly Beans
9. 110106379
XS pocket tin - Pulmoll Original pastilles