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Transparent peak-advertisement bag.



Transparent peak-advertisement bag.

Available contents:

1. Sugar-free peppermint pastilles, round Ø 9 mm
2. Chocolate lentils in a variety of colours
3. Pulmoll pastilles, sugar-free & tooth friendly, sweetened with Stevia (steviol glycosides from Stevia leaves) + Vitamin C
4. Tic tac from Ferrero (Fresh Mints or Fresh Orange)
5. Hitschies Confetti chew candies
6. Peppermint 8 mm, (goldnuggets or silvernuggets)
7. Pulmoll Original pastilles with liquorice-honey flavour
8. Amercian Jelly Beans

Best before approx. 18 months with proper storage

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Additional logo imprint techniques may be available. For further details, please call us.

Size: 43 x 85 mmWeight: 8 gDelivery period: approx. 15 working days after artwork approval


Order entry

Select a model and specify the number of items to order. Indicate the number of colors necessary to reproduce your logo.

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1. 110102400
Promo-Peak - Sugar-free peppermint pastilles
2. 110102401
Promo-Peak - Chocolate lentils
3. 110102402
Promo-Peak - Pulmoll Stevia pastilles
4. 110102403
Promo-Peak - Tic tac (fresh mints or orange)
5. 110102404
Promo-Peak - Hitschies Confetti
6. 110102405
Promo-Peak - Peppermint (goldnuggets or silvernuggets)
7. 110102406
Promo-Peak - Pulmoll Original pastilles
8. 110105013
Promo-Peak - American Jelly Beans