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Candies in wrapper

Reference: sw-110102000x




Candies in wrapper

Candies, individually wrapped in transparent or white cellophane.



Ahoj soft sherbet hearts with a wonderful tingle on the tongue, in a variety of colours and flavours, packed in a shiny or matt coated white bag.

Best before approx. 18 months with proper storage

Minimum Quantity 25 kg


Additional logo imprint techniques may be available. For further details, please call us.

Size: 60 x 20 mmProcess: Digital printingMax colors: 4


Order entry

Select a model and specify the number of items to order. Indicate the number of colors necessary to reproduce your logo.

Info: Min order quantity:  , max logo colors (LogC):  .

1. 1101020001
Candies in wrapper - fruity
2. 1101020002
Candies in wrapper - lemon
3. 1101020003
Candies in wrapper - orange
4. 1101020004
Candies in wrapper - apple
5. 1101020005
Candies in wrapper - cherry
6. 1101020006
Candies in wrapper - black currant
7. 1101020007
Candies in wrapper - multi-vitamin