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Sour fruit gum (20 g)

Reference: sw-110101021x




Sour fruit gum (20 g)

Fruit gum with cover of sour sugar with aroma and colouring plant extracts, packed in a shiny or matt coated white bag. From 320 kg all standard shapes are possible.



Fruit gum standard shapes with 10 % fruit content from fruit juice concentrate, natural aroma and colouring plant extracts in a variety of colours and flavours. Packed in a shiny or matt coated transparent or white bag. Available forms:

1. Premium Bear
2. Nostalgia cars
3. German Bank Logo (only red fruit gum)
4. Telephone
5. etc.

Up to 40 additional forms are available. Contact us for more information.


Additional logo imprint techniques may be available. For further details, please call us.

Size: 100 x 75 mmProcess: Digital printingMax colors: 4


Order entry

Select a model and specify the number of items to order. Indicate the number of colors necessary to reproduce your logo.

Info: Min order quantity:  , max logo colors (LogC):  .

1. 1101010211
Cola/Lemon - Sour
2. 1101010212
Blackcurrant - Sour