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E.1.01 Sportsman

Reference: vx-0-3803-x





A true sportsman is always active, always on the go and always looks good. And this is the Swiss Army Knife for a true sportsman. With 13 functions tucked away in its sleek scales, you won't notice it in your pocket until you need it. And then everyone will notice how prepared you are.



For the activewear addict or high-octane sports addict. Includes a nail file with nail cleaner and a corkscrew. Swiss made pocket knife with 13 functions.

Functions: 1. large blade, 2. corkscrew, 3. reamer, punch and sewing awl, 4. can opener, 5. screwdriver 3 mm, 6. bottle opener, 7. screwdriver 6 mm, 8. wire stripper, 9. nail file, 10. nail cleaner, 11. key ring, 12. toothpick, 13. tweezers.

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Product size: 84 x 15 mmWeight: 52 gMaterial: ABS / Cellidor


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1. VX-0-3803-1
Sportsman, red
2. VX-0-3803-2
Sportsman, white


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