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A.1.03 Splendour of Nature (Ge/Fr)

Reference: fm-hd-421-7




Splendour of Nature (Ge/Fr)

High-quality desktop calendar, available in two languages ​​(GE/FR), with exclusive images of grandiose panoramas around the world, such as Mount Bromo/Java, the Bora Bora island, etc.

This model is well appreciated by customers and will help in increasing your brand awareness over the year.

  • High standard desk calendars, entirely produced in Switzerland
  • Envelope and greeting card included
  • Dates displayed in three languages : GE/FR



The high quality desk calendar proposes illustrations of idyllic landscapes. Your logo and address are printed on both faces of the stand. Each calendar comes with a greeting card and a carton envelope ready for hand-delivery or low cost postal shipping.

Includes: greeting card & envelope Colours of stand: 1. White 2. Blue 3. Green 4. Grey 5. Burgundy 6. Black Size: L: 23.5 cm H: 9.5 cm Weight: 200 g Packaging: 20 kg (100 calendars)


Process: Silk screen/hot stamping Size: H: 35 mm W: 45 mm Position: both sides


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1. fm-hd-420-7
Splendour of Nature (Ge/Fr)


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